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Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque. Post to:Paula Dent  (Tall Trees Arena)

Hendraburnick Farm, Davidstow, Cornwall PL32 9SG

DIY livery - ring for details - weekly or long term (use of an arena each day/eve) £35 

  • Indoor arena for hire £20 an hour each day
  • Wed 22nd Oct 1pm and then again at 5pm Dressage Cricklands and Trailblazers Qualifiers - come and run through any tests you need to practise or just give dressage a go. You can do any tests and even music. 
  • 25th Oct Tetcott Pony Club Combined Training
  • 26th Oct Unaff Showjumping Winter League Day 3 of 5 possible days to collect points - Cricklands and Trailblazers Qualifiers Halloween Prizes and Rosettes
  • 29th Oct BD dressage Wed daytime Halloween Prizes and Rosettes
  • 30th Oct Thursday half term Debbie Randall Clinic and Halloween Dressage Event Trailblazers and Cricklands Qualifiers Debbie Randall Clinic - teaching or available to school your horse £35 lesson, £22 half hour, £50 shared between 2 or £25 to school your horse. Debbie can ride 12.2hh upwards. Little groups of ponies welcome or groups of friends.
  • 1st Nov Tall Trees Fun Show with Miniature Horse show and Shetland classes and all sorts of classes for everyone including Workers Trailblazers Qualifiers FIRST OF THE SHOWING LEAGUE POINTS Halloween Prizes and Rosettes - 8 championship rosettes with Halloween Ribbons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sun 2nd Nov 9am til noon tbc
  • Sun 2nd Nov 2pm Saddle Show Pas Seul
  • Monday 3rd Nov 10am - 6pm Kate Mably clinic £40 an hour for lessons, tel 07753566168 or phone Carol 07771924772 Working Equitation Monday Eve
  • Tues 4th Nov Working Equitation 10am -1pm     £10 for 3 hours use of Working Equitation Obstacles in 2 indoor arenas ring Carol 0771924772 to book
  • Tues 3.30 to 5.30 Kate Mably Clinic
  • Thur 6th Nov Evening Unaffiliated Showjumpng from 50cm at 5.30pm, then 65cm, 75cm, 85cm Trailblazers and Cricklands Qualifiers
  • 7th Nov 6pm NCPC training 
  • 12th Nov Wed Daytime Unaff Dressage Trailblazers and Cricklands Quals
  • 15th Nov Unaff Showjumping Day 4 of 5 Trailblazers and Cricklands Quals SHOWJUMPING LEAGUE FOR EVERYONE, PONY CLUB, RIDING CLUB AND VETERANS
  • 16th Nov Sun Unaff Dressage Trailblazers and Cricklands Quals
  • 19th Nov Wed Daytime Unaff Dressage Trailblazers and Cricklands Quals
  • 22nd Nov BS Show jumping
  • 23rd Nov Unaff Dressage Trailblazers and Cricklands Quals
  • 27th Thur Nov Evening Unaffiliated Showjumping from 5.30 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm + Cricklands and Trailblazers Quals
  • 29th and 30th Nov 2 day BD dressage event
  • 6th Dec Unaff Dressage Sat Trailblazers and Cricklands Quals  Christmas Rosettes 
  • 11th Dec Thurs Eve Showjumping from 5.30pm at 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm+ 
  • 13th Dec BS Show Jumping
  • 20th Dec Christmas Unaff Showjumping and Awards Day for the Final of 5 events
  • 21st Dec Christmas BD event
  • 30th Dec Unaff Christmas Dressage
  • 3rd Jan BS Show jumping Juniors and Club
  • 4th Jan New Years Unaff Dressage
  • Thurs 8th Jan Eve Unaff Showjumping from 5.30pm at 50cm upwards
  • 10th Jan Sat Unaff Dressage
  • 11th Jan New Year BD event
  • 24th Jan Sat Unaff Dressage
  • 31st Jan Sat Unaff Dressage
  • Thurs 5th Feb Unaff Showjumping 50cm upwards at 5.30pm 
  • 21st Feb Unaff Dressage
  • Thur 26th Feb Unaff Showjumping starts at 50cm at 5.30pm
  • Thur 19th Mar Unaff Showjumping 50cm at 5.30pm 
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D.A.K. Photography for images of Events

Autumn Dressage League Rosettes for Winners - lots of sections

Entry Fee for Unaffiliated Dressage: £12:00 (unless special qualifiers then see seperate schedule) Entry fee for show jumping £10. Entry fee for showing £8

Combined Training £20 If at any show you want to ride a higher level test than we have listed, please let us know and we can arrange it

BD entry fees are on the BD website. You need to join British Dressage to compete but this is free for Intro and Prelim competitions, and can be done on line.

Eve Unaff Dressage 22nd Oct **Daytime** 18th+30th Oct, 12th+16th Nov 19th+23rd Nov, **AFFILIATED** BD 19th & 29th Oct

British Showjumping Horses 22nd Nov,13th Dec, 17th Jan, 14th Feb (Valentines event), 29th Mar

Ponies 3rd Jan, 1st Feb, 7th Mar

Club/Unaffiliated - all above dates first classes

SWEP show with jumping, showing, inhand 9th Nov
Unaffiliated Showjumping Winter League - Oct 26th, Nov 15th and awarded 20th Dec
Tetcott Combined Training and Dressage 25th Oct Open to all

Coming Soon in Half Term -

Saddle Kerry Boyd - stables £5 or use of Arena £10 half an hour, Kerry is £10 saddle fitting and flocking from £25 -£40. Times from 9.30am -1pm - call 07970931787 Saddles also available from the Saddleshack and 2nd hand tack in the Cafe

New League Oct to April

Unaffiliated Showjumping Evenings starts 5.30 at 50cm, 65cm, 75cm,85cm plus...

6th Nov, 27th Nov, 11th Dec, 8th Jan, 5th Feb, 26th Feb, 19th March

Halloween Dressage Thurs 30th, Halloween Fun Show Nov 1st

Unaffiliated Showjumping 26th Oct, 15th Nov, 20th Dec  - 50cm- 1m Clear Round starts 8.30, 50cm 9.30, 60cm at 10am - up to 1m or above

Christmas Fun Christmas Clinic and Special Festive Display - 12 places in the clinic available

Tall Trees Arena, Davidstow,

near Camelford

Cornwall PL32 9XR

Phone: 01840 261002 evenings

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