Tall Trees Arena
Tall Trees Arena

Rules of the Arena

1.  The organisers shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor, servant or spectator, horse, vehicle or property, howsoever caused in conjunction with or arising out of the show or clinic.


2. Competitors must wear correct Riding clothes and Boots at all times, even when warming up and where possible when getting horses ready to compete.


3. It is mandatory for all riders to wear a protective helmet to British Standard and where necessary a back protector, safety is paramount at all times. It is advised to use a protective helmet when leading horses.


4. Lunging is not permitted anywhere on the showground unless permission is sought beforehand, the safety of other people and animals is essential. Also all gates must be closed to stop horses getting on to the road if they get loose. A protective helmet is essential when lunging.


5. Rule 82.21 (taken from BS rule book) No member shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete, in any show, dressage, clinic or other equestrian competition without taking adequate precautions to ensure other members of the public are not put at risk of injury.’


6. The decision of the judges is final; please do not ruin the enjoyment of other competitors or make the judge feel intimidated. Either in the arena or on Social Media like Facebook.


7. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or amalgamate classes at their discretion.


8. All entries booked and not taken must be paid for. No refunds will be given unless the class is cancelled.


9. All dogs must be kept on leads and all dog poo to be picked up and disposed of in an appropriate bin. Please wash hands carefully using soap and towels provided.


10. Children under 16 must be supervised at all times.


11. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the competition and or Show site, alter or amend rules at their discretion in order to promote safety of competitors and other people.


12. Please report any accidents as we have an Accident Record Book and First Aid Kit.


13. Please do not climb gates, fences or other structures as they may not be safe to do so.


14. Please do not push prams or pushchairs through the entrance to the arenas or other areas where the horses gather, make use of the café area and other entrances to promote safety. Horses cannot be expected to cope with different situations.


15. Instructors must have their own insurance and be a BHSAI or have other qualifications before giving clinics or taking lessons.


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