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Future Events

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Tues 24th sj for hire 
1 til 3 BS schools Training 
Weds 25th Unaff Dressage, BD Dressage with Music then 6pm Silke Valentin talk
Thurs 26th and 27th Silke Valentine Parelli
Saturday 28th Parelli Halloween Games 
Saturday 28th Sooz Foster Body alignment and dressage training small indoor arena
Sunday, 29th October, 2017
Class 1 Clear Round - £ 5.00 9.30
Class 2a Club - Senior 70cm - £ 10.00
Class 2b Club - Junior 70cm - £ 10.00
Class 3a Club - Senior 80cm - £ 10.00
Class 3b Club - Junior 80cm - £ 10.00
Class 4a Club - Senior 90cm - £ 10.00
Class 4b Club - Junior 90cm - £ 10.00
Class 5a Club - Senior 1.00m - £ 10.00
Class 5b Club - Junior 1.00m - £ 10.00
Clear round 11.30am 
Class 6 School's 70cm League Class - £ 10.00
Class 7 School's 80cm League Class - £ 10.00
Class 8 School's 90cm League Class - £ 10.00
Class 9 School's 1.00m League Class - £ 10.00
Class 10 School's 1.10m League Class - £ 10.00
Monday 30th and Tues 31st Oct showjumps indoors to hire and other arenas

31st Oct Combined Training with dressage outside, jumps inside
Weds 1st Nov Claire Daniels training all day with jumps
2nd Nov morning arenas for hire
2nd Nov afternoon John Chubb dressage camp
3rd Nov John Chub
4th Nov John Chubb
5th Nov Music Dressage competiton with side saddle, 15+ horse and pony classes and long and short arena tests with some costumes and pairs in classes pas seul and pas de deux
5th Nov 5pm onwards Dog Show 
6th and 7th Nov arenas for hire
8th Nov British Dressage followed by Unaff Dressage 
11th Nov School Teams and Individuals (free to join if you are in pony club)
12th Nov BS and club with unaff showjumping
13th Nov arenas for hire with jumps
14th Nov Debbie Randall training - available spaces for showing, dressage or basics
15th Nov Debbie Randall training day 2
16th Nov Claire Daniels all day jumping training
17th Nov Dave Reddan jumping training 
18th Nov Saturday Eggesford Pony Club Jumping
19th Nov SWEP charity show with jumping indoors and showing in small arena, both indoors, 
20th Nov arenas for hire
21st Nov arenas for hire
22nd Nov arenas for hire
23rd Nov arenas for hire
24tth Nov Friday BD with music followed by short arena BD and then Unaff
25th Nov Sat BD with music followed by short arena Bd and then Unaff
26th Nov Sooz Foster dressage training and other arenas for hire
27th to 29th Nov arenas for hire
29th Nov Unaff Dressage 
30th Nov Claire Daniels training over jumps all day - book a session
2nd Dec 9.00 Unaff SJ, Club then clear round followed by School Teams and Individuals from 11.30am 
3rd Dec BS ponies with clear round beforehand 9.00, (Sunday)
3rd Dec BS horses from 12 noon
4,5,6, 7 and 8th Dec indoor showjumps for hire and small indoor
9th Dec Show inhand and ridden - some 15+ classes for members as well 
10th Dec BD with music classes followed by Unaff
11th and 12th Dec arenas for hire
13th Dec BD with music followed by unaff 
14th Dec Claire Daniels training all day - book
15th Dec Debbie Randall training flatwork and showing clinic - book
14th to 16th Dec Mark Fuller clinic small arena
16th Dec Parelli Christmas Games
17th Dec Christmas BS showjumping event, 8.45 BS Ponies, 12.30pm BS horses then 1.45pm British Novice horses and above
18th Dec Monday Minions Pony Club jumping
19th Dec Unaff Christmas Dressage event
20th Dec Affiliated BD Dressage Event with Music
Arenas for hire over Christmas holidays
28th Dec Christmas Show 
29th Dec School Teams Christmas Event (find out about doing this if you are a pony club member - please ask you can join BS schools for free)
30th Dec Unaffilaited Showjumping Christmas event
31st Dec jumps for hire and small indoor
1st Jan jumps for hire
2nd Jan NCHPC show jumping event
3rd and 4th Jan Showjumps for hire
5th Jan 2018 Friday Claire Daniels training - book
Sat 6th Jan Unaff, BS club then BS schools and teams
Sun 7th Jan BS horses and ponies 
8th and 9th Jan SJ for hire
10th BD with music and unaff afterwards
11th and 12th Jan arenas for hire
13th Jan Unaff Dressage then Showing Show with inhand and ridden
14th Jan BS horses, ponies and unaff with club - open to all
15th to 19th Jan arenas for hire
20th Jan Working Equitation training with Paulo
21st Jan tbc
22nd to 26th Jan arena for hire 
27th Jan Unaff Dressage and Team Quest with Individuals
28th Jan BD with music and unaff afterwards
29th Jan to 30th arena for hire
31st Claire Daniels Training
1st to 3rd Feb John Chubb Dressage Camp
4th Feb tbc
5th and 6th Feb arenas for hire
7th Feb BD with music and unaff afterwards
8th and 9th arenas for hire
10th Feb half term - BS ponies and horses
11th Feb Sunday Unaff SJ, BS club and then BS schools
12th to 16th arenas for hire
17th Feb Eggesford Pony Club Dressage event
18th Feb 2018 BSPS qualifying show - get your entries in early and book stables 
19th Feb Claire Daniels training - book
20th to 23rd arenas for hire
24th Feb BS ponies, horses and unaff with club jumping
25th Feb SWEP show with showing, inhand and juming and lots of clear round - perfect for people who want to jump smaller
26th Feb and 27th arenas for hire
28th Feb Claire Daniels training 
1st and 2nd March arenas for hire
3rd March Unaff SJ with BS club and then schools with clear round then teams
4th March BS horses and ponies
5th to 9th arenas for hire
10th March Unaff Dressage with Quest and Teams
11th March SWEP show with jumping, showing and clear round
12th March arenas for hire
13th Claire Daniels training
14th March Russell Guise Body Alignment book with Sarah-Jane Brown 2 day course - huge opportunity
16th March BD with music
17th March unaff with Quest and Teams
18th March BD with music
19th to 23rd March arenas for hire
24th March NPS spring indoor show
25th March Unaff SJ with BS club and Schools with Teams
26th jumps for hire
27th Claire Daniels clinic all day and eve
28th arenas for hire
29th March to 31st March John Chubb camp
1st April tbc
2nd April Bank Holiday Monday Unaff SJ, BS club and Schools with Teams
3rd April arena for hire
4th April Area 16 Pony Club Prince Philip Games
5th and 6th April arenas for hire
7th April BS Unaff SJ with BS club then BS horses
8th April Team Quest and Ind Dressage and Unaff DRessage
13th and 14th April BD
15th April SWEP
18th April BD
21st April BD
22nd April BSPS amazing show
28th April unaff, BS club and schools
29th April a new one British Skewbald and Piebald Show 
6th May Unaff DRessage and Team Quest BD
12th and 13th May BD
19th May Unaff and BS schools
Bank Hol Monday 28th May Unaff SJ and school teams
1st June BD
2nd June Unaff and Team Quest and Individual
3rd June BD
10th June BS ponies and horses
13th June BD
16th June unaff SJ, Club and schools
24th June SWEP show
13th July to 15th July BD
22nd July Unaff SJ, schools
3rd and 4th Aug BD
19th Aug Unaff SJ, schools
26th Aug BD
2nd Sept BS Cat 2 horses and ponies
8th Sept NPS extravaganza show !!! book stables 
9th Sept SWEP Show 
15th Sept unaff SJ, club and schools ....................2018
21st and 22nd BD
26th Sept BD
7th Oct SWEP show
12th Oct BD
14th Oct BD..... 2018 
27th Oct BD
7th Nov 2018 BD 2018
11 Nov 2018 SWEP
16-18th Nov 2018 BD


Arenas are available for hire each day, please text 07917850007 to book in, Paula can usually fit you in short notice if necessary. Many thanks - any questions text or ring the number above


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