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text 07917850007  Text for info or email paulatalltrees@gmail.com, facebook Tall Trees and Instagram.   


Upcoming Events 2022

14th May BD Team Quest  Individual - My Quest and Unaffiliated Dressage

15th May Showjumping

16th May to 20th May outdoor  Showjump course for hire and also indoor arenas for hire 

20th May John Chubb Flatwork and Dressage Clinic open to all 

21st May Showjumping all club classes are open to all just use code 123 to enter instead of a BS number 

22nd May BD Intro to PSG with Unaffiliated Dressage

23rd May arenas for hire 

29th May BD and Unaffiliated Dressage

2nd June Jubilee Unaffiliated Dressage event open to all with Qualifiers

3rd June Jubilee Showing Show Inhand then Ridden classes with concours de elegance inhand and ridden 

4th June BD and Unaffiliated Jubilee Show

5th June Unaffilated and BS club showjumping open to all from 20cm to 1.10m

6th to 11th June Showjumps for hire outdoor course and indoor arenas

12th June Quest and Unaffiliated Dressage open to all with Qualifiers

18th June British Dressage and Unaffiliated Dressage open to all

19th June British Dressage and Unaffiliaed Dressage open to all

25th June Showing show inhand then ridden showing event open to all with confidence classes 

26th June Team Quest and Unaffiliated Dressage open to all

26th June afternoon and evening Test Riding and flatwork clinic with Rachel Patrick

2nd July British Dressage and Unaffiliiated Dressage open to all abiliites 

3rd July Showjumping and BS club, from 20cm to 1.10m open to all, use code 123 if not a club member 

8th July Nicky du Plessis clinic - flatwork and dressage 

9th July Showing show open to all abilities with some ridden classes in walk or walk trot to build confidence

10th July British Dressage Give it a go Show open to all, meet the British Dressage Team - open to unaffiliated riders and Quest members and Full Members

13th July British Dressage and Unaffiliated Dressage

14th July Irish Draught Horse Society Grading day 01823601625

16th July Team Quest and Quest - BD bronze can do Quest Intro, Prelim or Nov classes -  and Unaffiliated Dressage

17th July Showjumping 20cm to 1.10m open to all with BS club use code 123 to do club classes if not members


Events are online at Horsemonkey, type in Tall Trees and if you want something to happen let me know such as diddy jumping etc or more confidence classes.




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Arena Rules

Welcome to Tall Trees Arena.

Tall Trees Arena is a successful, family run business in North Cornwall. We have a lovely 20 x 60m indoor arena and second 20 x 33m indoor warm up arena with a large outdoor surface which is floodlit 40 x 70m.


We offer grassroots competitons for Dressage and Showjumping and there are classes in walk and trot that can be assisted to help people start on their equestrian journey.

We offer British Dressage events from Quest with Intro a short arena walk trot test, Prelim short arena tests including some canter and Novice with more changes of pace. 

We offer Unaffiliated classes at each Dressage event and we encourage people to try out new tests as they can be read out in all dressage tests.

We run British Dressage long arena tests from Intro to Grand Prix and we also have recently included Para Dressage on our calendar.


Showjumping  is offered at least once a month and we offer Club classes which are open to all Affiliated and Unaffiliated riders. You do not have to be a member to take part. If you do decide to join British Showjumping Club it si 30 pounds a year and enables you to qualify to jump at the finals if you gather enough points.


We like to offer Shows both inhand and ridden each month. We have recently been able to offer Apaloosa awards from their society which is exciting. I will add a schedule below for people to study and see the range of confidence walk and trot classes to help build up the experience of riders. 


Training - we have regular clinics with coaches for Dressage and Showjumping and these happen most weeks.

Arenas can be hired each day, please text Paula 07917850007 to book in. Stables can be hired at events. 

If you need any help to enter or just want to find our more please ask, we like to try and answer all questions and offer support to individuals as they develp their equestrian skills. 



Show Schedule - with Fun classes and confidence giving classes. 

Class 1 Youngstock 9.30am

Class 2 Coloured Dun etc

Class 3 Shetlands

Class 4 Best Turned out 

Class 5 Miniature

Class 7 Manners not conformation or looks

Class 8 Best Condition stabled or kept out class may be split

Class 9 Less experienced combinations  

Class 10  Young Handler

Class 11 Native

Class 12 Cobs Trads and Weight Carriers

Class 12a     Horses and ponies not eligible for coloured class so Bay, Chestnut, Grey etc

Championship all 1st and 2nd prize winners

Riddens 12.30 time may vary a little

Class 13 Introducion to Showing does not have to canter can be lead

Class 14 Lead Rein and first Ridden

Class 15 Best Rider and Equitation

Class 16 Novice Horse or Pony walking only

Class 17 Novice Rider Walk or Trot only

17a  Novice Ridden walk and trot and only  with canter in personal show

Class 18 Hacks and riding horses, Show Ponies, Show hunter ponies

Class 19 Hunters and Sports horses and ponies

Class 20 Native, cob and weight carriers

Class 21 Coloured horses and ponies

Class 22 Pony club pony

Class 23 Riding club horse

Class 24 Family Horse and pony, (no round the world or acrobatics please ) – health and safety

Class 25 Veteran

Class 26 Best combination

Ridden Championship

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